The patented Predator PolymagTM (polymer tip pellet) is a premium quality hunting pellet which combines a hollow head with a sharp polymer tip for unsurpassed performance on small game. Whether ridding your garden of unwanted pests or stalking your favorite hardwoods in search of squirrel, experience excellent accuracy and efficiency when hunting with Predator PolymagsTM. The Predator PolymagTM (polymer tip pellet) was designed specifically to be the most effective and efficient airgun hunting ammunition available. To accomplish that goal, the following features were incorporated into the design shown below:

Polymag’s are offered in a few unique designs:

The Original Polymag Pellet: Offered in .177 caliber, .22 cal, .20 cal, .25 cal and the new .30 cal. They feature a polymer tip in the head of the pellet which emplodes into the rest of the pellet, making for a devastating impact. This pellet is also lighter due to its polymer tip.

The Polymag Shorts: Offered in a .177 caliber and .22 caliber. The shorts have a shorter design which is ideal for airguns with a magazine. They are identical in every other way to the Original Polymag with the exception of being shorter.

The Metalmag Pellet: Offred in .177 caliber, and .22 caliber. This pellet features a metal tip rather than polymer, making the pellet slightly heavier, but provides for deap impact and penetration.

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